About the Center for Asian Studies

The Center for Asian Studies was established in April, 2013, as a horizontal research organization comprised of schools and research institutes of Kanagawa University. Covering Asia and various Asian regions as study targets, this center has been working on comprehensive and academic studies beyond the boundaries of individual disciplines, such as politics, economy, society, culture, and science technology. The purpose of this center is to contribute to peace and development of Asia through research activities and academic exchanges.

Major Activities

The Center for Asian Studies conducts the following activities.

  1. Studies and research projects regarding Asian regions.
  2. Presentation and publishing of study achievements.
  3. Conducting workshops, lecture courses, and symposiums.
  4. Integration of Asian studies in our university, along with domestic and international promotion of our studies.
  5. Academic exchanges with universities and research institutions in Asian districts.

Study Policies

The Center for Asian Studies determined the following study policies based on the basic academic policies of Kanagawa University.

  1. Address contemporary, diverse, and complicated issues that occur in the Asian region beyond the bounds of academic disciplines.
  2. Promote studies focusing on various Asian region issues, in the globalized world.
  3. Develop diverse Asian studies with a sense of purpose based on the free will of the researchers. The two main method of researches are Integrated Research, which is an academic study project promoted by this center, and Joint Research, which is conducted jointly with multiple researchers regarding common study issues.
  4. Develop the academic exchange networks among the Asian regions, our university has cultivated further.
  5. Conduct exchange of information on Asian studies that our university has cultivated along with integration and active transmission of research achievements domestically and internationally.