About the Center for Asian Studies

The Center for Asian Studies was established in April 2013 as a comprehensive research organization spanning numerous departments and research institutes at Kanagawa University. The aim of the Center is to contribute to peace and development of Asia through research activities and academic exchanges, and as such it tackles comprehensive and academic interdisciplinary studies that include politics, economy, society, culture, and science and technology with a focus on Asia and various regions around the area.

Major Activities

The activities listed below are the main activities that the Center for Asian Studies is engaged in.

  1. Carrying out research and studies concerning the Asian area
  2. Presenting and publishing study results
  3. Holding workshops, lecture sessions, and symposiums.
  4. Integrating Asian studies at the university, and promotion both domestically and overseas.
  5. Academic exchanges with universities and research institutes in Asia

Study Policies

The Center for Asian Studies has defined the research policy below on the basis of the Research Policy in Kanagawa University's Basic Policy.

  1. Address the increasingly diverse and complicated contemporary issues occurring in the Asian region in a way that transcends the boundaries of academia.
  2. Promote research focusing on a variety of issues in the Asian region in the face of a globalizing world.
  3. Take research on Asia forward in a diverse and purposeful fashion based on the free will of the researchers on the foundation of the Comprehensive Research academic interdisciplinary research project created by the Center and Joint Research carried out collaboratively by numerous members for shared research topics.
  4. Aim to develop the academic exchange network around Asia that the university has nurtured.
  5. Proactively exchange information on the research the university has conducted about Asia as well as integrating and disseminating research results both domestically and internationally.